Custom Church Website Pricing

It is our desire to give you the best pricing on a custom church website. Look over our plans and choose which one you feel will fit your needs. All of our sites are custom designed and not templates so it may day a few days longer than others, But we want the best for you and for your church.If you have any questions contact me direct (601) 341-5169

Each plan includes Hosting, design of the website, and us maintaining the site as well as adding all your content and photos.

There is a one time setup fee for each plan. 

* Standard Plan $250.00 

* Premium Plan $550.00 

* Pro Plan $1000.00 

additional design cost $45.00 per billing hour

Why Pay A Yearly Fee

If you look around at church website providers who offer a good content management system, you will notice they all charge a fee. This is not something unique to Faith First Design. This fee is the cost of hosting.

Keeping your site updated so that it is secure is no easy task. The yearly fee enables us to offer upgrades, support, and maintenance of the website, since there are many software/security updates being released all the time as new vulnerabilities are found.

Oftentimes a church will have a member make them a free or cheap website. When this is the case, we’ve noticed software updates are usually missed, especially if that person ends up leaving the church.

Without someone proactively monitoring and updating, your site is left open to be hacked. Religious sites remain the top hacked sites , so we take this threat very seriously. We are a fully managed solution for churches. We have had 0 Down time in the last five years. We monitor for hacks and for breeches in security profiles. 








































Total Cost


Standard Package

One Time Setup Fee $250 plus $250  = $500.00 

(To get started with



Premium Package

One Time Setup Fee $550 plus $250  = $800.00

(To get started with

Church website design


Pro Package

One Time Setup Fee $1000 plus $250  = $1250.00 

(To get started with

Church Website Design